About DragonGate

Our research and market intelligence breaks down the challenges of the UK public sector into manageable areas of business focus.

Making Public Sector reform an opportunity, not a barrier

Since our formation in 2012 our evidence-based, step-by-step approach to imparting knowledge and practical understanding has empowered public sector clients to transform their services, to innovate and become fit for the modern age. It has also helped companies we have worked with to do better business with the complex, policy-driven needs of public sector clients.

DragonGate research and market intelligence (DGMI) breaks down the manifold challenges and vastness of the UK public sector into manageable areas of business focus.

DGMI Experience

Through qualitative research and our deep experience and consideration of people, processes and policy, DragonGate’s project management team works with clients from both the public and private sector to: –

  • increase levels of market awareness and credibility
  • deliver successful engagement strategies that offer the strongest possible return on investment
  • help challenge, design and take forward new, innovative but realistic solutions to big challenges.

We run exclusive, thought-provoking seminars under Chatham House rules for senior public leaders from across the public sector to join the dots – to combine the intimately connected agendas that are often siloed – for transforming public services.
Our approach throughout is to work closely with our clients to provide tailored, pragmatic, mini-programme approaches which provide lasting and tangible results.

Key People