The Breaking Barriers is a programme of high-level, high-impact reviews which explore the most pressing and consequential areas of public service transformation. The reviews identify and challenge the key barriers to transformation to develop a model for change informed by a wide range of expert stakeholders from across the public, private and social sectors and includes new ways of working that demonstrates the power of collaboration, integration and innovation for improving lives, reducing costs and raising quality and outcome thresholds. 

The first review of the programme was Breaking Barriers: Building a sustainable future for health and social care which was led by Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE, the Rt. Hon Hazel Blears and Dr. Jon Bashford and launched at a national summit in London on the 28th June 2016. 

The aim of the report was to present a new model for integration and innovation in health and social care that uses collaboration to create a unified, cross sector strategy to estates and infrastructure as the catalyst to meet the current financial and service demand challenges. The model outlined was not intended to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution, in fact it was very firmly based within the context and opportunities provided by devolution and the need to recognise that place and people must be determinants of future sustainability.

The model was developed from a review of the key barriers to change across system, financial, outcomes, workforce and infrastructure levels for the health and social care system. The model demonstrated how a framework for actions taken in four areas: shared estates and infrastructure, workforce development; financial and budgetary alignment and whole systems leadership can provide a sustainable future for health and social care. To view the report please click here and further information on the report and event can be accessed here

Breaking Barriers: Doing it Justice, Changing Lives is the second review also led by Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE, the Rt. Hon Hazel Blears and Dr. Jon Bashford, and currently underway. Being explored is the potential for a new whole-systems and place-based criminal justice system. Being focused upon is three stages:

1.       Prevention- Reducing demand (offending) at the front-end prior to entering the system

2.      Custody- Ensuring the offenders journey through the system/prison is effective and transformative

3.       Rehabilitation- Preventing people from re-entering the system by enhancing resilience to re-offending 

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