Connected Agendas – Integrated Thinking & Smarter Solutions for the Public Service Delivery is a timely Whitehall seminar, led and hosted by Cardiff Council. The event is a forum for an audience of leaders responsible for implementing strategic change in service delivery. Those attending will have the opportunity to examine and debate with a panel of keynote speakers on some of the most ambitious headline examples of delivery in the public sector, including the “Internet of Things”, realising an integrated estate, and the use of digital technology in the DWPs 2020 Vision programme. Keynote speakers include: Bruce Mann, Executive Director at the GPU; Andrew Besford, Head of Business Design at the DWP; Scott Cain, Chief Business Officer at Future Cities Catapult; and Tim Banfield, Executive Director at the Major Projects Authority.

Public services face unprecedented demands and budgetary constraints which are eroding traditional methods of provision and barriers between Government, service providers and their local communities. From the One Public Estate programme and its ambitions to realise a single government workplace to the Government Digital Service’s plans to overhaul the way public services deliver and engage the citizen – the next 2 years are crucial for stress testing the national and local blueprints for 21st century Government. Meanwhile local authorities at all levels are striving to match generational investment in regeneration and infrastructure with the modern demands of public service.

The Connected Agendas Summit is taking place at Broadway House on 25th April 2016. This event is by invitation-only for members of the public sector, but to inquire about remaining places please get in touch with Graham Atkins at