In Taoist legend there is a portal, the so called DragonGate, the entry point to an imperial palace at the top of a high pinnacle. The path to the DragonGate is blocked by a giant cascading waterfall at the bottom of which dwell scores of carp. Only the fish that is strong, brave and persistent enough to swim against the current and leap the waterfall, pass through the DragonGate and reach its full potential as a magnificent dragon.

Having the confidence to enter new and culturally different markets takes courage, perseverance and most of all strong industry sector understanding. Working with the Public Sector is no different.

Since our formation in 2012 our evidence based, step by step approach has provided clients with real politic understanding to complex, vast and ever shifting market dynamics.

DragonGate research and market intelligence breaks down the challenges and vastness of the Public Sector into manageable areas of focus and understanding. Through qualitative research and our deep consideration of people, processes and policy we can help clear the cob webs away from headline hogging myths and misconceptions and provide a fresh take on the machinery of UK Government.

Our project management teams work with clients from both the Public and Private public sector to help challenge, design and take forward new, innovative but realistic solutions to old problems.

Through DragonGate’s event team we run exclusive, thought provoking seminars for senior management that bring together leaders from the public sector to address seemingly disparate but connected agendas under Chatham rules.

Our approach throughout is to work closely with our clients to provide tailored, pragmatic, mini-programme approaches which provide lasting and tangible results. We do not subscribe to abstract consultancy and strategies that bear no connection to the world of public sector constraints or business reality. Our world is the authentic world of the 21st century public sector manager.

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