About DragonGate

Our research and market intelligence breaks down the challenges of the UK public sector into manageable areas of business focus.

Informing Reform

The current, unprecedented challenge to Public Services requires innovative approaches now, backed up by sustainable future delivery. There are few second chances for experimentation against the backdrop of unparalleled demand and lower costs. DragonGate come in where the blue-skies strategists take off, supporting both the Public Sector and Private sector in delivering the building blocks for successful, affordable change.

Since formation in 2012 DragonGate’s evidence-based, step-by-step approach to imparting best practice understanding has empowered public sector clients to take the steps they need in making strategy a reality. From income generation models to services that cut across traditional boundaries dividing government and frontline services our responsibility is to bridge innovative plans from concept to reality.

DragonGate has also helped companies do better business with the complex, challenging needs of public service market. Our research and specialist understanding provides a level playing field for newer entrants to the sector including SMEs coming up against the “never get fired for hiring IBM” mantra.

DragonGate research and market intelligence breaks down the manifold challenges and complexity of the UK public sector into manageable areas of focus for public and private sector partners.

Through qualitative research and our deep experience and consideration of people, processes and policy, DragonGate’s project management team works with clients from both the public and private sector to: –

  • Stress test strategy and understand challenges and opportunities for delivery from a range of informed vantage points in public and commercial expertise
  • Build up delivery partnerships and the business case through stakeholder engagement
  • Design and supporting the roll out of new, innovative but realistic solutions to big challenges through our experienced panel of associates

We run exclusive, thought-provoking seminars and roundtables under the Chatham House Rule for senior public leaders from across the public sector to join the dots – to combine the intimately connected agendas that are often siloed – for transforming public services.

Our approach throughout is to work closely with our clients to provide tailored, pragmatic, mini-programme approaches which provide lasting and tangible results.

All of our work starts with an initial conversation

Our Services

Market Intelligence

Making good, informed decisions for organisations across the public, private and third sectors requires expert knowledge of the context they are operating in. This requires an understanding of the dynamics, the changes, the policy agendas, the influencers and likely future direction of travel.

With DragonGate, knowledge does not need to be half the battle. Our research team produces bespoke, detailed, evidence-based research reports – giving our clients the clear, concise and comprehensive insight required to understand where opportunities lie and to develop nuts and bolts strategies to take to market.

We also offer facilitated workshops for clients to help them build long-term and productive relationships between sectors and suppliers. We do not just stop at providing the evidence.

Roundtables and Events

The delivery of a compelling industry events is a critical element of an organisations communication campaign. Whether a roundtable discussion, a seminar or conference, DragonGate has a highly experienced and dedicated events team who can work to your organisation’s aims to deliver a successful and memorable event.

Along with standalone events, DragonGate’s event management services also form part of our other ongoing services such as programme support and market insight and access.

DGMI Experience

Since our formation, DragonGate has worked closely with a number of high-profile clients in both public and private sectors, across myriad projects and programmes. Many of our clients are long-standing partners.