Dr Jon Bashford
Research Programme Director

Jon is an experienced senior manager, researcher and teacher with over 25 years experience working in health, social care and education in the public and voluntary sectors. Jon comes from a practitioner background as a Registered Mental Nurse and has been able to successfully bridge the gap between research, innovation and practice.

Jon has been a Director at the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust where he had the lead responsibility for the development of the Communities, Rights and Inclusion programme known as CORIIN. Prior to working in Leicestershire, Jon was Associate Head at the International School for Communities, Rights and Inclusion (University of Central Lancashire) where he managed a wide range of research projects, learning and teaching programmes and commercial consultancies at regional, national and international levels.

Jon is particularly known for his work on mental health, drug and alcohol use, offender health and equality, human rights and organisational change. This has led to him being appointed an advisor on various government initiatives, including the national Prison Drug Treatment Strategy Review Group which produced the Patel Report. In 2008 Jon was granted the award of PhD for his work on institutional racism and organisational change