Tim Philpott

Tim is Programme Manager at DGMI with responsibility for Levelling Up and Innovation to Operation workstreams (split across DGMI and BBI).

Currently, he leads the core team assembling the 2022-3 business case for the planned Care Tech Campus project in Essex, including;

  • Securing investor interest from “Big Tech” and industry.
  • Unlocking collaboration in the statutory sector.
  • Cultivating interest among entrepreneurs and care SMEs.
  • Establishing ongoing relationships with care and workforce groups to optimise systems for the end user.

Tim excels in aligning complex, rapidly moving projects to create the deliverable, on time and on budget. He is effective at managing relationships among clients, colleagues and characters to ensure everyone is doing what they do best, where they need to do it, at the correct moment.

In 2019 Tim secured the pivotal involvement of national stakeholders for Clacton Place a project aimed at reversing health trends in one of the most deprived localities in Europe.

Tim previously worked at the Cabinet Office as coordinator for Civil Service Live and in the House of Commons, managing mini-constituency campaigns for various MPs, including Grant Shapps.


He holds a First in History (BA) from the University of Birmingham and a Distinction in History (MA) from King’s College London. In between putting in the hours for BBI, Tim is also Founder, Managing Director and Chief Tea Drinker of the e-commerce site Sword and Stone UK; the Online Show-off’s Cookware Brand.